Step 1: Patient Referral
Before a person can receive services, his or her doctor must send a completed Physician’s Order for personal care which is called DOH-4359 form. After that, we send a referral to MLTC Company.

Step 2: 1st (Registered Nurse) RN Visit
Then a State RN completes an assessment with the member. A nurse assessor then determines whether the recipient can appropriately participate in CDPAP.

Step 3: 2nd (Registered Nurse) RN Visit
If He or She is approved for CDPAP the 2nd MLTC RN will complete the next Assessment. The nurse assessor then recommends the amount, frequency, and duration of services.

Step 4: Plan Transfer
Then transfer the plan short term plan to a long term plan.

Step 5: Service Begin
Please choose your Personal Assistant and tell him or her to come to our office to sign up.

Congratulation your service begins.